Thursday, April 5, 2007

El Roi

"You are the God who sees me" Genesis 16:13

In the Hebrew language there are many names for God. Each one based on some personal aspect of God's character that He chose to reveal and mankind's response to it. One such name is 'El Roi'; the God who sees me. A year ago when I was in Swaziland for the first time, I remember standing atop this mountain at El Shaddai (The All Sufficient God) Orphanage overlooking this view. Overwhelmed by the beauty surrounding me I remember whispering "God, you truly do see and care for these orphans in amazing ways". Little did I realize then just how true and personal those words would become.

Well, we continue preparing for the July trip. Just over a week ago we had our first 'team building' session. A great time! During the 2 hour meeting we had lunch together, and then shared a brief time of testimony of how we've seen God work in amazing ways; providing support, generating interest and opening doors of opportunity to share about this work. That was cooler than cool...& all praise goes to Jehovah Jireh (God our provider). We also each received a directory with the names and pictures of our fellow team members so we can continue getting to know eachother better (and call people by their right names! :-). But the focal point of the meeting was the taking of the Spiritual Gifts/Personality Profile Test. It's designed in such a way that we discover how God has uniquely created (wired) and gifted each of us and to motivate us to exercise those gifts. I'd never taken one of those before so I was curious as to what it would reveal. After completing the detailed questionnaire, it revealed the following as my top three Spiritual Gifts (the explanations are taken from the book):
  1. Teaching (able to explain why things are true)
  2. Pastor/Shepherding (able to lead & motivate others in serving the Lord)
  3. Evangelism (one with a desire for missions & outreach to reach people for Christ)

As I saw this unfold, I was overwhelmed. These truly are my passions. Scripture says that God has given to each of us at least one gift (Romans 12, 1 Corinthians 12, Ephesians 4). Why? that the 'Body of Christ' might be built up and God's purpose and plan in this world accomplished. So here's our challenge (are you ready?) --> learn what your gifts are & begin exercising them. Because when we do...there's no stopping what God will do! Thanks for tuning in...and may 'the God who sees you' bless you in all you do. Please keep praying for:

  • Upcoming Financial Deadlines would be met for each of us
  • Passports to be processed quickly
  • Upcoming team building meetings would be fruitful (Apr. 29, May 20, June 24)
  • We would have wisdom as to what to pack/take with us on the trip
  • God would continue to open doors of opportunity regarding this work
  • God's grace & healing (Jehovah Rapha) on the Swazi people

Thanks so much. I love you all...& will blog again soon!


Pam said...


This is actually Jim, not Pam, commenting (had the same problem posting to Derek's blog using our google account).

It has been great reading your blog and I'm very encouraged by your experience and what God is doing for you and your family again. I like the pictures on your site. It helps me visualize what's in store for us this summer.

Thanks and God bless,

Jim Klingenberg

Sue said...

Thanks for the encouragement. It'll be exciting to watch God use you this summer.