Tuesday, October 14, 2008


"Why, anyone by just giving you a cup of water in my name is on our side. Count on it that God will notice." Mark 9:39

Pandemic: A mega epidemic.

I've been reading a book lately called 'Red Letters' by Tom Davis. Powerful. Some things he mentions:
-39.5 million people worldwide are living with HIV (24.7 million in Africa
-12 million plus African children have lost 1 or both parents to HIV-AIDS.
-Many people groups, villages and tribes are on the brink of extinction.
-This is the greatest crisis humanity has ever faced.

If ever there was a pandemic...this is it! I don't know about you, but it's easy to look at the statistics and feel overwhelmed. What can I do? I'm only 1 person. Well, we can all do something, because each number represents someone.

-We can give to an organization that is on the front lines
fighting the war against poverty and Aids
(like Compassionate Life Foundation: www.james127.org).
-We can help to send someone else that can be our
representative in bringing hope and help (a cup of cold water) to the
desperately needy.
-We can be outrageous and go ourselves .

No matter which option we take...we must do something.

Another quote from 'Red Letters' says: "What if you knew your actions could prevent even 1 death? What if you knew you had the influence, resources, and ability to make a difference in what seemed like a hopeless situation. Would you act...or remain silent?"

We cannot wait any longer. We must do something.

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