Monday, June 10, 2013


"On the seventh day they rose early, at the dawn of day, and marched around the city in the same manner seven times.  It was only on that day that they marched around the city seven times."
   -Joshua 6:15 (ESV)

We held our final Swazi Team Meeting yesterday.  A busy time of final preparation before our team leaves in less than 3 weeks.  While pouring over tons of last minute details, we enjoyed a typical sack lunch...similar to one we'll be eating while we work & serve in Swaziland (a sandwich, hard boiled egg, chicken leg, chips, juice box, piece of fruit). Newbies on the team got their first taste of what to expect for lunches...while the taste buds of those of us who've gone before were transported back in time to reflective moments sitting on the ground or a rock, enjoying not just the food but spectacular views from El Shaddai like this one.  


Another part of our meeting was spent learning a few songs from a songbook our music pastor put together for the trip.  While we are familiar with most of the songs, there was one song that we will be singing that is new to most of those on the team.  It is a song that is sung a lot in Swaziland and throughout Africa.  The song is called Siyahamba and in English the song means 'We Are Marching In The Light Of God'. It's one of those songs you'll hear the children singing often.  One of those songs you'll never forget.  Precious.  The drum beat was played by one of our team members on this instrument called a Djembe (pronounced jim-bay) and it was cool to be able to sing along with this African style drum.


We also spent some time at the end our our meeting 'marching' around a couple of long tables, filling bags with supplies that each of us will bring with us to Swaziland.  Here's a pic. of that.


So we're almost ready to go.  The final team meeting finished.  Our commissioning service scheduled for next  Sunday.  Time of departure for this mission right around the corner.  But as I reflect over these past 12 months of preparation, I can see that God has had us 'marching' to his call since the beginning.  And what a blessing that has been. Thank you all for your prayers and support as we together continue marching in the light of God. Blessings!

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