Thursday, February 22, 2007

Living Water...

Jesus said; "whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life." John 4:14

Water. One of the most essential things for sustaining life. We can't live without it. Crops can't grow without it. Yet it's something we in this country (U.S.) take for granted. When we're thirsty, we just go to the tap, turn it on & voila it's there! Fresh, clean, abundant. But in's not that simple. For many, the only available resource of water is located several miles away at the nearest creek. It's a common site seeing people walking those miles, day in & day out, filling up a container and carrying it back home with them. What an arduous task! But that's not the worst of it...I've seen those creeks! Creeks where sewage flows, creeks where clothes are washed, creeks from which animals drink. What can be done to help the people?

Well, right now there's a small group of 3 people from our area (Linda, Tom & Dale) over there until Feb. 28th (they'll also be a part of our July work team). As I've been reading their emails, they've shared about working tirelessly these past few weeks; ordering construction materials for the July work projects, taking people to clinics for medical care, organizing child sponsorship opportunities for orphans and doing whatever else needs to be done. But there's one thing that excites me the most; there's a Water/Well Project in the works. Two actually: one at El Shaddai Orphanage and one in the village of Manzini. They hope to have them up & running very soon. Just think, having a freshly dug well with a generator operated well pump that will for many.....provide fresh, clean, life giving water for the very first time! How awesome is that!?

Well, the next time you turn on the tap...take a second to think about the work in Swaziland and say a brief of thanksgiving & we continue to reach out and make a difference. God bless you all & I'll blog again soon....

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Anonymous said...

Hey Sue,
I stole your pictures to put on my MySpace site! Hope you don't mind!
I thought I would use that site to raise awareness too! How Good is God that we can use these vehicles to "get the word out"!

Hope your fully funded!!!