Sunday, January 14, 2007

Beautiful feet!

" How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!" Romans 10:15

Well it's official...we've had our first meeting as a group. There are 29 of us on the list going to Swaziland and we had a chance to put faces to names. How fun! It was exciting going around the circle, hearing a little bit about each person and how God has brought them to be a part of this 'team'. (having all of my family represented was an extra special blessing!) Here's a picture :

From now until our departure in July, we'll learn alot together about: ourselves, the Swazi culture, the desperate needs of the people there, and how God is calling us to help. Today as I was reading I came across something that impacted me. It said:

"Everyone wants to be significant...we want our lives to count for something bigger than us. Many try to find significance through their accomplishments, wealth and possessions....but in reality, true significance comes as a result of serving others".

Profound words that I think each of us are just beginning to understand. To fill you in a little more about the trip: we're working in partnership with New Covenant Church (my home church) and Compassionate Life Foundation The foundation is a locally based (Swartz Creek, Mi) non-profit organization started by friends of mine that have been to Africa many times and were on the trip with me last March. When you get a chance, check out their website and mission statement and you'll get a glimpse into why I'm going back. Please know that every one of you who are reading this are invaluable to me. Assembling the 'extended team' of those who'll join me both in prayer and financially is vital in making this trip a couldn't happen without you. Some initial things we can begin to pray about:

  • Proper immunizations (and that all group members are healthy when getting them)
  • God would be preparing in advance the work He would have us to do
  • God would prepare the Swazi hearts to receive us...and that they'd see Jesus in us
  • That we would trust God to provide the funds needed to go
  • That lives would be transformed (ours as well as theirs)

Well, that's it for now...but hang on....we're just 'peeling back' the first layer of this adventure. There's much more to come! I'll be posting more soon...but in the meantime, please feel free to post comments...hearing from you is a blessing and encouragment! Thanks again....I love you all!

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