Saturday, January 13, 2007

World HIV/AIDS Day

DECEMBER 1, 2007 is WORLD AIDS DAY . Begin to PRAY now! Every day, 8,000 people around the world die from AIDS. Another 14,000 become infected with the deadly HIV virus that causes AIDS. In all, there are 40 million people living with HIV on our planet today. Every morning, 15 million children wake up to another day without the loving embrace of the parents they've lost to AIDS. Millions of other children are living with or caring for parents who are chronically ill because of the disease. And 2.3 million children are themselves infected with the HIV virus. The tiny African kingdom of Swaziland is the most HIV-infected country in the world. Nearly 42% of its population is carrying the virus. In 1987 the first AIDS case was reported in Swaziland, by 1992 the infected rate was 3.9%. By 2002 the reported cases of AIDS had reached 38.6%, an increase of 900%.
Age spread of the disease
in 2002: 15 – 19 / 32% infected 20 – 24 / 45% infected 25 – 29 / 47.7% infected. HIV/AIDS is a huge problem there and they desperately need help! I believe God is calling His people to be a part of this effort of awareness, prayer and help for this pandemic. Bob Pierce, founder of World Vision, stated: “Let my heart be broken by the things that break the heart of God.” Would you let God break your heart over AIDS?

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